Meet Our Newest Crush

May 28, 2017

Be sure to pick up our newly released 3rd edition of Crush Texas Wine Guide at many local wineries and downtown shops in Fredericksburg and Comfort, Texas. 


The love affair with wine has a different origin for everyone. For some, it began impishly in college as a beverage to party with. For others, it began with family holidays, red wine with Christmas dinner or Champagne on New Year’s Eve. Others still, began by trying to impress a date for a romantic weekend. Many were forced to learn about wine by working in the food and restaurant industry and eventually learned to love and enjoy it. Whatever the introduction to wine; somewhere there is a shift between drinking wine and loving wine.


The shift happens when the drinker simply drinks the wine and when the drinker experiences the wine. Suddenly, that liquid that has gone down before, has body, texture, taste, sensation and feeling. A smell triggers a memory or an association and the mind begins to spin. It starts with one flavor and then changes to another. The longer the drinker sits and observes what is happening, a complex and exciting relationship develops. Much like learning from your first crush or your first date, the new wine drinker begins to develop a taste, a style. You begin to look for certain qualities. You may like something sweet and spicy, or something deep and dark. Or you may like that flirty, lightly bubbly wine or something bold and tasteful. These differences come from the many varieties of grapes, where they are grown and the talent of the winemaker. Grown in the Texas Hill Country are traditional varietals such as Cabernet or Merlot,


Mediterranean varietals such as Sangiovese or Tempranillo, and lesser known grapes such as Viognier, Black Spanish, Blanc du Bois among others. The grape, like a temperamental artist, needs a specific environment in which to grow and flourish. With the proper amount of weather, healthy soil, quality manicures, and pest control the grapes will thrive on the vine. Each grape imparts a specific flavor or characteristic. The more you drink of one varietal, the more you come to recognize its flavor, scent, and feeling. As in life, tastes change. Some will try new flavors, new colors and have new experiences that broaden the range of wines to be enjoyed. Others will grow in appreciation of their tried and true and always remain loyal to their one true love. Whatever your taste, experiencing Texas Hill Country wineries is an immersion into a love affair. The vast and varied wineries all boast a different history, style and product.


The wineries vary from regal to rustic and Tuscan to Texan. Traveling through the Texas Hill Country feeds the senses with sharp contrasting hills, open pasture alternating with forested glens and occasional river crossings. The beauty is overwhelming in its simplicity and the people of the Hill Country accentuate it with interesting architecture varying from German Fachwerk homes, bearing large wooden beams and white washed siding, to industrial factories, aging red barns, rocky sided dwellings and outstanding modern Texas design. Each building you enter is like going on a new date. The winery offers an experience, a taste, perhaps some entertainment or simply conversation. Ultimately, it is the wine that you have come to enjoy, and each winery has something different to offer.Wine making in the Texas Hill Country is a labor of love. A product designed with greatness from beginning to end; from vine to grape and from bottle to you. You open the bottle and pour. The color of the wine invites you. The smell of the wine recalls subtle nuances from your past, flavors you’ve tasted, plants you’ve smelled, feelings you’ve had. The sip of the wine fills your mouth, your tongue dances, your lips purse and smile. That tastes good; and so you drink every last drop of love.Travel through the Texas Hill Country. You can’t help but stop and experience this love affair for yourself. Enjoy the romance, enjoy the Crush.













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