Musings About Art

January 7, 2018

A picture without words is a poem." ~ Horace Did you ever pass a person and wonder about them, where they are from, who they are and what they care about? Did you receive a touching poem from a friend or discover your child had a talent you didn’t know about? Did you ever watch a show where someone unexpectedly opened their mouth and sang a song that brought you to tears? It is amazing how we work with, interact or perhaps even live with people who have incredible talents and we are completely unaware of their gifts and abilities. It is like that with art.


A work of art can catch us off guard. It can stop us in our tracks. It can catch us unaware. The beauty of the work of art lies "still” in front of you and yet each brushstroke or formation or arrangement of rock or fabric or bronze in each and every work of art is only part of the story. The mystery behind art is the artist that captured your attention with their vision -- the voice you heard -- the beauty that stopped you and held your attention. It is the artist itself and his or her message to you.


Artists love to sell their work, but far beyond that is their desire to communicate their feelings and have someone, whom they have never met, “get” what their hearts are trying to say, and they do this beautifully...without a word ever being spoken. - Sondra McKelvey







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