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Heavenly Hosts
To travel is to wrap yourself up in a new place, and to make
and keep new memories. Like new days, new places you travel to, bring new opportunities to learn through your experiences, and to add to your thoughts from that day forward.

These memories are like little postcards in your memory and show th...
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Be Our Guest at Gastehaus Schmidt
Be Our Guest

Every getaway needs a place to begin. Your first overnight trip to Fredericksburg at a B&B, or your fifth trip to Fredericksburg, all have one thing in common - it all begins with your reservation.

For decades now, Gastehaus Schmidt, a family owned reservation business in the heart of...
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Roots Instead of Feet
"If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet."

As any nomadic soul knows, there are so many beautiful places in the world yet to be discovered - and for those who choose to come to Texas and stay for awhile, we would like to invite you to discover all the beau...
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What is a traveler-at-heart to do?
“What is a traveler or traveler-at-heart to do?”

What is a traveler or traveler-at-heart to do? Think on that for a moment and the reality of it all. It
is such a simple truth. And the more we work and the less we travel, the more that sinks in.

Indeed, as a seismic shift occurs in our world and our sc...
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Any Given Destination

  It is true. Once we travel to any given destination, the stories that live within us from those days spent discovering belong only to us. That is why traveling is a gift.

     Each new dot on the map begs a new adventure and each destination we choose to visit has people, places...

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