Be Our Guest at Gastehaus Schmidt

07.21.22 05:51 PM By Sondra Phoenix

Be Our Guest

Every getaway needs a place to begin. Your first overnight trip to Fredericksburg at a B&B, or your fifth trip to Fredericksburg, all have one thing in common - it all begins with your reservation.

For decades now, Gastehaus Schmidt, a family owned reservation business in the heart of Fredericksburg, has consistently helped countless visitors start out their vacations here in our beautiful city with a knowledge of our unique town that is second to none.

It is our privilege to introduce you to Jessica and Donna Mittel. Two women who have put their hearts into making it their business to welcome our visitors with the utmost professionalism, warmth and unsurpassed kindness.

Trust us. When visiting Fredericksburg, Gastehaus Schmidt, is a beautiful place t
o begin.

Sondra Phoenix