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No Place Like Home
No place like home.

Recent years have been a challenge in so many ways at home and worldwide. Both an upending of spirits and a quiet rebuilding of resolve.

The world, indeed, is a volatile place.

It is our blessing in Fredericksburg, through it all,  to live in a community where we can watch out ...
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History Weaves Us Together
History weaves us all together. Our individual stories are important to each of us and to the people we know and love. Collectively, our stories tell something much greater  than ourselves.

Together, our individual stories blend to weave a beautiful tapestry of families, communities, our nation ...
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The Best Life We Can Hope For
"...when we choose a place to raise our children or live out the rest of our lives it is imperative we set the stage for the best life we can possibly hope for."
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Charm and Diversity
The best part about Fredericksburg happens to be its charm and diversity, its ability to feel like a world class destination, and friendly, at the same time.

 There are plenty of statistics here on our cost of living. Yet, some may argue that  there is a real cost of not living in place lik...
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