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Making Wine
Making wine is a beautiful but arduous process, for healthy vineyards grow and thrive by a set calendar, vines twisting and bursting and lying dormant all according to particular months of the year.

The 12 calendar months dictate the grape growing process, and so, the best time to prune, fertilize p...
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Evviva El Vino!
Evviva El Vino!

Watching Fredericksburg’s countryside change is like watching a poem unfold - stanzas of both promise and change. Challenge and triumph.

Once rich with sprawling swaths of farmland dotted with baby goats and Longhorn steer, our countryside now is primarily a swell of vineyards, burstin...
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Life is a Celebration

     Life is a celebration. Every day is a gift. Plautus once said “Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”

     Sounds like a splendid idea! What are you celebrating in your life that deserves a toast?

     No matter the reason, or even t...

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