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A Thousand Times Better in Person

 " Shopping is a thousand times better in-person.
 A riot of senses and a needed distraction."
A little distraction...

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Best Weekend Ever
Best Weekend Ever

Score! Honestly, where can a person travel where the streets are not covered up with the same franchise stores and merchandise that you can find just about anywhere? Here in Fredericksburg, each of the 100 plus stores, often in beautiful, historical buildings, are a vision of an ind...
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Shopping. Out & About!
“Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.”

Shopping. Out & About!

As we begin to venture outdoors again to shop, it certainly feels as if shopping is all brand new again.

Our favorite pastime of shopping is certainly not something taken lightly, nor for granted, any longer.

If you are ready for s...
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When it comes to shopping ...

When it comes to shopping, we have to say that this quote is right on the money! Our shop owners search high and low, both locally and abroad, to bring you that unique look, that special piece that compliments your personality and reflects your style.

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