No Place Like Home
No place like home.

Recent years have been a challenge in so many ways at home and worldwide. Both an upending of spirits and a quiet rebuilding of resolve.

The world, indeed, is a volatile place.

It is our blessing in Fredericksburg, through it all,  to live in a community where we can watch out ...
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Best Weekend Ever
Best Weekend Ever

Score! Honestly, where can a person travel where the streets are not covered up with the same franchise stores and merchandise that you can find just about anywhere? Here in Fredericksburg, each of the 100 plus stores, often in beautiful, historical buildings, are a vision of an ind...
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Be Our Guest at Gastehaus Schmidt
Be Our Guest

Every getaway needs a place to begin. Your first overnight trip to Fredericksburg at a B&B, or your fifth trip to Fredericksburg, all have one thing in common - it all begins with your reservation.

For decades now, Gastehaus Schmidt, a family owned reservation business in the heart of...
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Evviva El Vino!
Evviva El Vino!

Watching Fredericksburg’s countryside change is like watching a poem unfold - stanzas of both promise and change. Challenge and triumph.

Once rich with sprawling swaths of farmland dotted with baby goats and Longhorn steer, our countryside now is primarily a swell of vineyards, burstin...
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Enchanted Rock
Have you been?

If you haven’t, you must. There is no place on earth like Enchanted Rock. A 1.1 billion year old mammoth dome
of salmon pink granite embedded with flecks of black mica - an epic and natural wonder in Fredericksburg, TX.

This 225 acre dome of granite reaches, at its highest point, 1825 a...
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