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Best of Fredericksburg Spring 2022 Edition! Your complementary guide to what the locals know and where the locals go!

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Seasons change, years pass, troubles come and go. Yet, living in Fredericksburg rebounds and grows in thoughtful ways, remaining what it has always been - a beautiful place to call home.


Every getaway needs a place to begin. Your first overnight trip to Fredericksburg or your 5th trip to Fredericksburg, all have one thing in common - it all begins with your reservation.


Once rich with sprawling swaths of farmland dotted with baby goats and Longhorn steer, our countryside now is a primary swell of vineyards, bursting with promise, roadside, in the rolling Texas Hill Country.


With over 100 places to choose from, and so many top chefs creating an array of delicious dishes that delight locals and tourists alike, Fredericksburg's chefs are earning a reputation for excellence.


Shopping in indeed a safari for our spirits. An adventure! Especially in Fredericksburg, TX where our stores are a dream to browse.